Thursday, October 4, 2012

Amazing Extinct Animals Rediscovered And Caught On Camera

So one day at work i was wondering whether there was any thought to be extinct animals but accidentally rediscovered and caught on camera, i mean the earth is so vast and huge, which makes so easy for us to miss something and people is full of error possibilities, so i am so sure that there is some announced as already extinct animals that are brought back to the surface and rediscovered into public. And it is kind of too easy, because there are actually more than a view extinct animals that are being rediscovered by humans, there are actually plenty of them, we'll get to that really soon now. Most of us animal lovers are probably only hoping to help animals that are endangered, that are almost extinct, therefore this kind of news is really great and huge relieve if i might say.

The most recently, earlier this year to be precise there was this monkey named Surili from Indonesia that was rediscovered by locals in the Borneo island.
extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Shy Borneo Monkey Surili
Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Shy Borneo Monkey Surili
The shy monkey (Presbytis hosei canicrus) was seen in the 1970s in Kutai National Park in Borneo, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from where the new population lives. But as the years passed, fires and illegal logging devastated Kutai. By 2008, the Miller's grizzled langur seems to have vanished from the park. A survey that year found just five langurs living on the Sangkulirang Peninsula in East Kalitmantan, also about 50 miles (80 km) away from the newly discovered langur habitat. But by 2010, that group of primates had also disappeared.

extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Shy Borneo Monkey Surili
Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Shy Borneo Monkey Surili
This elusive monkey that was thought extinct has shown up in the remote forests of Borneo, posing for the first good pictures of the animal ever taken. The Miller's grizzled langur, an extremely rare primate that has suffered from habitat loss over the last 30 years, popped up unexpectedly in the protected Wehea Forest in east Kalimantan, Borneo.

In the past, there were also some similar cases, where extinct animals are rediscovered in the wild, which includes:


extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera okapi
Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Okapi
Okapi was first discovered in what is now Virunga in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 1901, the shy forest-dwelling okapi had not been found in the park since 1959. But a recent survey in 2006 by the WWF and the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature found 17 okapi tracks and other evidence of its presence, how sad, right?


extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Coelacanth
Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Coelacanth
scientists extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Coelacanth
Scientists Checking Out Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Coelacanth

extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Coelacanth
Once thought to have gone extinct 65 million years ago, the Coelacanth was rediscovered alive and well in 1938, wow could you believe that? It's been 65 million years? They are also the closest link between fish and the first amphibian creatures which made the transition from sea to land in the Devonian period, which was around 408-362 Million Years Ago. That such a creature could have existed for so long is nearly incredible, but some say that the cold depths of the West Indian ocean at which the Coelacanth thrives, and the small number of predators it has, may have helped the species survive eons of change.

Cuban Solenodon

extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Cuban Solenodon
Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Cuban Solenodon 
Since it is discovered in 1861 by the German naturalist Wilhelm Peters, up until now, i guess only 36 had ever been caught. By 1970, some thought that the Cuban Solenodon had become extinct, since no specimens had been found since 1890. The Cuban Solenodon that was found in 2003, named Alejandrito, brought the number ever caught to 37. And sadly i guess that was it.

Mountain Pygmy Possum

extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Mountain Pygmy Possum
Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Mountain Pygmy Possum
This small furry animal was first described as a Pleistocene fossil by Robert Broom in 1896. It was thought to be extinct until 1966, when a living one was discovered in a ski-hut on Mount Hotham. As of 1992, there were two geographically isolated populations in Australia. We should surely protect this one amazing extinct animals, i mean at least we used to think so.

Terror Skink

extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Terror Skink
Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Terror Skink
Terror skink was rediscovered in the year 2003 in New Caledonia. The rediscovered reptile measures around 50cm and has long sharp curved teeth, unusual for a skink as they are normally omnivores. The only other known example of the skink was also discovered in New Caledonia in 1876.

Arakan Forest Turtle

extinct-animals-rediscovered-caught-on-camera Arakan Forest Turtle
Extinct Animals Caught On Camera Arakan Forest Turtle
Arakan Forest Turtle was believed to be extinct, it was last seen in 1908, but very fortunately in 1994 it was rediscovered when a few specimens turned up in Asian food markets. Like most Asian turtles, it is collected yearly as a food source or for “medical cures.” Only a handful of these conservation reliant turtles are in captivity, and their status in the wild, which is dubious at best, is listed as critical. 

This article could be used as marks of the beginning of our triumph to resurrect the real natural world of this planet earth. We could focus on protecting the almost extinct animals out there, but we can't just let things like this go away, we should also try and find the extinct animals, if we were lucky maybe we could rediscover them, you know?